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Meditation can be an essential tool in an employee's mental wellness plan to drive overall success. Striking that balance between the benefits of an in-person class taught with an instructor but without the commuting and fluctuating weekly schedules allows employees to access the benefits without settling for just a phone app or video call. 

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With a holistic approach to a patient's health, a commitment to providing access to a range of health and well-being related resources is key. Whether a patient must access these resources on premises or during their everyday, a VR meditation program can be an impactful tool that provides a more serious, classroom setting to their mindulfness practice.

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With a holistic approach to student wellness, a commitment to providing access to a range of health and mental well-being resources is key. Making these resources easily accessible to where students successfully engage with them can be an added challenge. A VR meditation program can provide the solution to these challenges by fitting into students' hectic semesters while still providing an immersive instructor-led classroom experience.

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Virtual Reality headsets offer targeted scenarios in immersive environments. Integrations with biofeedback sensors offer a way to measure a participant's experiences in these scenarios.  The increasing power and easy portability of VR also offer people the freedom to access these targeted scenarios in circumstances they normally would not. Both of these factors offer exciting research potential. Contact us to learn more.


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