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With a holistic approach to student success, a commitment to providing access to a range of health and well-being-related resources is key. 


One of the hardest things about integrating a meditation resource is figuring out where to start. There are the logistical issues of a dependable, in-person class that can be difficult for students even access. There are thousands of individual videos and books out there, but no clear path to progress through them. There are meditation apps that give open access to a large library of five-minute plus sessions but lack the serious structure and guidance that a student may require during each hectic semester.

We continuously hear this is a problem educational institutions are facings with their student bodies.

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The best way to learn meditation is from a real teacher in a class, but especially with the social distancing we’ve been faced with for the past year, compromising with an impersonal video call or online video series may not be sufficiently engaging for some students.


With ZenVR™, we immerse patients in a virtual instructor-led classroom experience. When they put on their VR headset and come to our virtual Zen Dojo, we make meditation as clear and structured as possible with our research-backed curriculum aided by the power of VR immersion to drive home key teachings.

Unlike existing meditation phone apps, we teach meditation beyond relaxation and focus on education, depth, and growth. We utilize the fully immersive qualities of Virtual Reality to bring dynamic experiences to the classroom and remove the distractions of the outside world while fitting into a student's semester. Our program is designed to build the habit of meditation so that student's are equipped with the ability to supplement their practice when on-the-go in between each VR session.

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