We are ZenVR: a meditation curriculum taught in Virtual Reality. We combine the structure and teachings of real-world classes in the practice of meditation with the immersion of VR. With progressive lessons taught by your own instructor, you can learn the basics of meditation and a variety of mental and physical techniques you can use to bring balance, focus, and calm from virtual reality to your reality.

ZenVR began as a Master's Thesis project at The Georgia Institute of Technology. The ZenVR experience has been empirically proven to successfully guide novice meditators through their journey and affect real-world change, increasing mindfulness and equipping them with tools they can use in their daily lives. Now we're transforming our prototype into a product to distribute across VR platforms and share the benefits of meditation with the world.



BS Computer Engineering, Georgia Tech

MS Human-Computer Interaction, GT

3+ Years Industry Dev/Design Experience


Lead Developer

BS Biomed Engineering, UC San Diego

MS Human-Computer Interaction, GT

4+ Years Engineering Experience


Head of Marketing

BS Business & Marketing, Georgia Tech

4+ Years Building Digital Marketing Programs

3+ Years Launching and Growing Brands



We all know stress, anxiety, and depression aren’t fun. We’ve all dealt with them, either personally, or through family and friends. We’ve all probably heard that meditation can help with dealing with these issues and provide other science-backed benefits to your mental well-being. 

But if it’s so obvious that meditation is good for us, why isn’t everyone doing it? One of the hardest things about learning meditation is figuring out where to start. There are thousands of individual videos and books out there, but no clear path to progress through them. There are meditation apps that push trendy five-minute relaxation sessions but lack depth or growth.

The best way to learn meditation is from a real teacher in a class, but those can be hard to find and incorporate into your everyday life, especially with the social distancing we’ve been faced with for the past year.

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With ZenVR, we bring that classroom experience right to your home. When you put on your VR headset and come to our virtual Zen Dojo we make meditation as clear and structured as possible with our research backed curriculum.

Unlike existing meditation phone apps, we teach meditation beyond relaxation and focus on education, depth, and growth. We utilize the fully immersive qualities of Virtual Reality to bring dynamic experiences to the classroom and remove the distractions of the outside world while fitting into your everyday life.




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