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What We Do: We teach meditation in virtual reality.  You put on your VR headset, and you’re in a Zen dojo in a peaceful valley. There is a teacher that guides you through technique, practice, and philosophy to learn meditation in a way that you can very simply incorporate into your daily life.

What We've Accomplished:  With only $4K in funding, we've built a very sticky product. Once users complete lesson 3, they go on to finish all of the modules. We are the #4 highest-rated Meditation/Relaxation app on Quest, and #2 out of 198 for Education, with hundreds of paying customers logging back in every month.


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Lessons 8 is coming as a FREE update this winter!

As a THANK YOU for purchasing now, we're offering ZenVR™ 20% off. You'll immediately receive 7 lessons in LEARN mode and access to the newly revamped PRACTICE mode - build personalized sessions designed to supplement Kai's curriculum.

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Share and grow alongside fellow meditators in the ZenVR™ community. Discuss favorite literature, best practices and how to integrate meditation into your daily routine. Provide the ZenVR team with feedback as we continue to grow and develop the ZenVRTM curriculum.


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Connect to the ZenVR community not only on Discord but the FB Group, r/ZenVR, and your preferred socials. We'll be hosting active discussions with fellow meditators on and you’ll also receive regular zen content designed to supplement the lessons and concepts core to meditation as well as encourage you to maintain a regular habit of practicing.


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Feedback is a crucial part of our design process as we develop ZenVR into VR's meditation learning system. By joining us early in this journey, your individual voice will be heard loud and clear! Help shape the ZenVR experience for new and returning users by leaving a review.



We are ZenVR™: a meditation curriculum taught in Virtual Reality. We combine the structure and teachings of real-world classes in the practice of meditation with the immersion of VR. With progressive lessons taught by your own instructor, you can learn the basics of meditation and a variety of mental and physical techniques you can use to bring balance, focus, and calm from virtual reality to your reality.

ZenVR began as a Master's Thesis project at The Georgia Institute of Technology. The ZenVR experience has been empirically proven to successfully guide novice meditators through their journey and affect real-world change, increasing mindfulness and equipping them with tools they can use in their daily lives. Now we're transforming our prototype into a product to distribute across VR platforms and share the benefits of meditation with the world.

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The team has continued to grow since the first prototype of ZenVR™ was created for Master's Thesis research.

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This is a useful and well made VR meditation/educational experience. I've been using it everyday and look forward to lesson number four. The dojo environment is relaxing and conducive to meditation or as just a space for quiet times and reflection. Thanks for the good work so far :)

- flutingspirit


I love it so far. This is not just a space for meditating, it's a way to learn how to meditate. It was perfect for my gf who wasn't sure what "meditating" really is.

- bigvladi

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