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Short Description

ZenVR™ is a Virtual Reality meditation classroom, with a curated curriculum of lessons and a virtual teacher to guide you through the process of learning meditation.

🏆 #1 highest rated Meditation app on Meta Quest; #4 out of 243 for Education


We are ZenVR™: a meditation learning system taught in Virtual Reality. We combine the structure and teachings of real-world classes in the practice of meditation with the immersion of VR. With progressive lessons taught by your own instructor, you can LEARN the basics of meditation and a variety of mental and physical techniques you can use to bring balance, focus, and calm from virtual reality to your reality. Revisit curriculum at your own pace for learning retention using PRACTICE mode's build-your-own meditations.

ZenVR™ began as a Master's Thesis project at The Georgia Institute of Technology. The ZenVR™ experience has been empirically proven in the respective paper to successfully guide novice meditators through their journey and affect real-world change, increasing mindfulness and equipping them with tools they can use in their daily lives. Now we've transformed our prototype into VR's meditation learning system for major VR platforms to share the benefits of meditation with the world.

Our journey from Georgia Tech research project to your favorite VR headsets

“We had participants come in twice a week for 20 to 30 minute long meditation classes in VR. And by the end of the 6-week study, we were seeing these statistically significant increases in a number of mental health metrics. A lot of master’s projects kind of end there…but given my personal interest, it was my belief that this could make an impact." - Matt Golino, CEO of ZenVR



Satori Studios, Inc

Based in United States - Atlanta, GA

Founding date: Sep 2020


Release Date: Aug 05, 2021



🏆 #1 highest rated Meditation app on Meta Quest; #4 out of 243 for Education


Lessons 8 will arrive in our next FREE content update in Winter 2023. Release dates for our first Guest Instructor Pack and alternate meditation environment will be announced Summer 2023.





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ZenVR Launch Promotion

As a THANK YOU for purchasing now, we're offering ZenVR™ 20% off for a limited time! Receive all 7 lessons in LEARN mode plus access to the newly revamped PRACTICE mode to build personalized sessions designed to supplement Kai's curriculum.

Lessons 8 will arrive as a FREE update in Q2 2023. A new moving meditation mode will release in Q3 2023. Our first Guest Instructor Pack and more environments will also all arrive by Q3 2023. 

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Georgia Tech feature - From Student Project to Startup

Georgia Tech VR Meditation Study on ZenVR Learning System Shows Improvement in Mental Health Metrics

Screenshots - Oculus Quest


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