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Build a more resilient organization

ZenVR improves your people's well-being by promoting proactive health practices, reducing stress and anxiety, and developing more mindfulness.

Bring a science-backed  meditation and mindfulness solution to your people.

Even on the best days, stress can prevent us from being fully focused and doing our best work. And too much of it can lead to burnout, disengagement, more sick days, and strained relationships in the workplace.

In the wake of COVID-19, it’s never been more critical for business and HR leaders to address the mental well-being of their teams head-on. Available for large-group licensing and enterprise-ready custom packages, ZenVR Solutions offers proven mindfulness programs that lead to healthier organizations from the inside out.

Premium Access for Your People

Large-group user access to our ever-growing content library on not just your onsite VR headsets but any employee's personal headset.

Unique Individual user logins will be provided, tying progress across devices.

Customized Curriculum

Curate the content your people will experience by selecting (and omitting) which content from our suite of lesson modules and modes you wish to offer your population.


Craft a custom version of the ZenVR experience to complement your unique organization and culture.

On-site Launches

Receive stress-free onboarding led by one of our team-members, who will visit onsite to guide your people and organization on how to maximize the effectiveness of ZenVR.

White Labeling

Replace our branding with your own organization's, allowing you to more effectively communicate to your people the investment your organization is making in their well-being.

Custom Content

Bring additional messaging and organizational content to the experience.

Example: Periodic video from leaders(s) of your organization to play at important milestones during the user onboarding process and between completion of curriculum sections.

We'll collaborate closely with you to make Lesson Content, Digital Events such as Webinars, and/or custom experiences that cover your people's obstacles like burnout, strained relationships, chronic health ailments, etc.

Engagement Reporting

Access an analytics dashboard detailing your population's usage metrics including progression, quiz performance and use-time.

What HR Leaders Say About Meditation

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“I know several colleagues who have begun the practice of meditation for the first time in their lives... so I’m proud that we’re giving all employees an accessible introduction to

improving their mental fitness”

Our Plans

>2,000 organizations trust meditation apps


Organizational and HR leaders all around the world are empowering their people with the mobile meditation apps Calm and Headspace, and those are just two. Giving your people tools that leverage the innovative powers of VR is the next level.


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