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We're opening up a waitlist to trial our research-backed, VR meditation training system for therapists to use with their clients! You'll be guided by hands-on implementation support and have access to an array of workbooks and other materials, including weekly LIVE meditation classes to offer your clients.

What you get:

-VR headset(s) loaded with the latest ZenVR training software

-printed Companion Workbook(s) + User guide(s)

-1 Printed Therapist guide including lesson-by-lesson question prompts to use with your clients

-Access to a weekly therapist office hours - for hands-on help with anything related to the system, and extra training in your own meditative practice

-Access for yourself and ALL of your clients to a weekly live online meditation class with a real expert teacher

-Access for yourself and ALL of your clients to the ZenVR practitioner community for on-demand tech and meditation support along with community support in the practice and a way to meet others implementing the same thing

-The official ZenVR metrics worksheets and log books to track and validate results quantitatively and qualitatively

Interested? Fill out the below and then click submit:

*Click here if you are on a mobile device

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