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User Research Opt-in

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We need your support! If you didn't know, ZenVR™ was originally created based on a research study at Georgia Tech. Throughout this summer we are fortunate to have more Master's Student researchers conducting user feedback interviews to help our dev team design, develop, and release new features and modes for you coming Fall 2022 and beyond!  


If you successfully complete your <1-hour user feedback session, we will send you a $45 gift card of your choice as thank you! Some popular options include Starbucks, Amazon, Walmart, and Steam!

Please click the button below to fill out our initial contact form to signup. Our research team will then contact you with your redemption instructions for your free copy of ZenVR plus further instructions on how to signup to be a participant for the user feedback sessions.

ZenVR - Georgia Tech master student research interns 2022.jpg

Thanks for your continued support as we continue growing alongside you.

Peace and Safe Travels,

Matt Golino - Creator and Founder of ZenVR™

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