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Lesson 3 launches in Beta! New Logo!

Updated: Jul 24, 2021

Whether you're new to the ZenVR beta test or have been here since the start, we're glad to have you with us on this journey! We've got lots of exciting news in this update, most importantly the launch of Lesson 3 in our meditation curriculum!

But that's not all, as ZenVR gets ready to make the jump from beta to bigger ponds we've given the graphics a huge overhaul, updated our practice mode, and even got a new logo! And you read that right, we're getting ready to transition out of beta to an official app with Lesson 4 (coming soon to your favorite headsets on Oculus and Steam), so this your last chance to have your voices heard while we're still exclusive...although even as we continue to grow we'll always be listening your feedback!

Lesson 3: Mindfulness

If you're well versed in the meditation world or have spent a few years in the 21st century, you've probably come across the fuzzy word known as "mindfulness". In Lesson 3 we explore what mindfulness means and how you can start applying it in your everyday life. We created some cool virtual experiences (involving clouds and teapots) to help explain the concept and bring it into focus in a way that will make sense to beginners and experts alike!

We also introduce a new meditation breathing technique known as "exhale counting". This technique comes from practices found in Chan Buddhist monasteries and builds off of the 1-2 breath counting from Lesson 1. We think this will be a great addition to your meditation toolbelt in virtual and actual Reality!

Graphics Facelift

Thanks to the help of a brilliant and industry hardened VR developer on our team, we've lifted our ZenVR dojo up and dropped into a beautiful and peaceful forest (no virtual animals were harmed in the transition). Complete with falling leaves, trickling streams, and even a secret waterfall, this new landscape was handcrafted to be the perfect backdrop for your meditation practice. We know you'll love following your breath with the songs of chirping birds and the great outdoors echoing in the distance and hope you enjoy the new space as much as we do.

A little preview of the new forest setting!

The New Logo

As ZenVR prepares to make a splash in bigger ponds, we realized it was time to update our visual presence. As you may have noticed from the banner at the top of the email, we now have a new logo to represent ZenVR to the world. Expert designer, Jack Towery, carefully crafted this new look of a bonsai tree surrounded by a sunrise Ensō to illustrate the core ideas behind ZenVR in a simple, aesthetic design. The authentic slanting style bonsai tree reaches upwards to represent your growth and change on the meditation journey. The beautifully colored Ensō paint stroke is a familiar icon in Zen brought to life with a digital touch and inspiring pallet, tying tradition to technology and bringing it to you! And don't forget the new wordmark as well, that little meditator hanging out in the letter "R" could be each and everyone of us as we find our way to calm still minds (with our VR headsets on).

How you can have a say in our design

As trained user experience designers, our philosophy is that the user comes first! Our design is built on research with experienced meditators, instructors, study participants, and now you! We're inviting you to fill out a survey where you can provide feedback and suggestions for what you'd like to see. We'll use your comments to iterate on our design so that you'll get to see your recommendations incorporated into our next release.

After you've experienced the beta, be sure to join our ZenVR Discord community so you can play a part in the future development of ZenVR!

Until next time,

Peace and safe travels.

Matt Golino

Founder of ZenVR

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