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Matt here with some exciting updates!

Updated: Jul 27, 2021

We've been hard at work building our first set of lessons for you to try out. There have been some challenges from buggy computers to power outages (thanks Hurricane Isaias), but they haven't stopped us from making some great progress on multiple fronts.

Our virtual instructor has a voice!

We traded the summer heat for an air-conditioned recording studio and finally finished all the recordings done for our first four meditation lessons. Each lesson is going to be about 30-min long, and include instruction on different techniques and talks about how you can apply meditation to your everyday life. This will definitely be more than just "listen to the tape" -- we've got a full immersive experience ready for each lesson that leverages VR to illustrate meditation techniques and concepts in a way that's engaging and interactive.

We're publishing our research

All the ideas behind ZenVR are based on research we conducted during our Master's program at Georgia Tech. We conducted a lot of research in just the last year, from interviews with monks and meditation practitioners, to a longitudinal study testing the efficacy of our lessons. We're writing up our results now and submitting them to one of the largest conferences for Human Computer Interaction with the hopes of setting a precedent for designing and evaluating meditation experiences in virtual reality.

Until next time,

Peace and safe travels.

Matt Golino

Founder of ZenVR

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